How International Medical School Graduates Can Secure Fellowship Positions After Graduation

Learn how international medical school graduates can secure fellowship positions after graduation by researching program requirements, understanding licensing requirements, and familiarizing decision makers with their medical school.

How International Medical School Graduates Can Secure Fellowship Positions After Graduation

Entering the residency process has become increasingly competitive, and the experts at MedEdits can help you navigate the equalization process. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with a MedEdits expert to get started. The specialties that are most friendly for international medical students and graduates are those that coincide with the lowest percentage of U. S.

applicants. On the other hand, the specialties that are most difficult for international medical graduates are those where more than 90% of applicants are U. citizens. When looking at the data, it is clear that it is unlikely to be competitive when applying to a residency program director and obtaining a position through the SOAP process.

Only 35% of the most successful group, senior U. allopathic students, obtained a position through SOAP. MedEdits helps students who apply through ERAS Match to obtain residency. Our consultants have years of experience serving on residency admissions committees and as faculty members in major medical schools (26%) residencies. The ECFMG issues a standard certificate to IMGs who apply for certification and meet all ECFMG requirements.

There are three steps to receive ECFMG certification: IMGs must verify their eligibility in each U. state and each program before applying for the USMLE exam. Failure to do so could result in wasted time and money in states that limit training permits and licensing to fewer international medical schools than the full list in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Once IMGs meet the eligibility requirements for the exam, they can apply for the required exams. IMGs are required to take and pass the same exams taken by U.

Exams are offered throughout the year. International students and graduates must also meet the eligibility requirements for ECFMG Pathways, a program that evaluates clinical and communication skills required for ECFMG certification. The sequence and timing of these requirements can be challenging. It is important to review these requirements and begin the process before the third year of medical school. The Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database Access (FREIDA) is an online directory of graduate medical education programs sponsored by the American Medical Association (AMA). The Council for Accreditation of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) also offers a directory of residencies, while the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) provides an online directory of family medicine residencies with a search function beyond those of other two directories. For each medical specialty, there is specific information about individual programs and any general or special application requirements.

Application deadlines may vary between programs, so it is important to contact programs directly for their deadlines. Since offers made and accepted during match week will be binding under the match participation agreement, only candidates who meet the requirements to start training on July 1 of the match year will be able to participate. The NRMP will exchange data with ECFMG to re-certify IMG status. It is essential to research residency requirements before applying in order to direct applications appropriately. It is also important to understand eligibility requirements before devoting efforts and financial resources to an application. It can be difficult for IMGs to obtain residency interviews in the U.

S., as allopathic and osteopathic medical schools have grown considerably leading to increased competition for a relatively fixed number of residency positions in U. S. As a result, many residency programs have tightened their eligibility requirements. Many residencies list their requirements for applicants on their websites, such as year graduated from medical school, types of visas accepted or number of attempts allowed at USMLE exam. It is also important to understand licensing requirements before applying; The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) releases specific state requirements for obtaining an initial medical license, while some states have a list of recognized international medical schools eligible for obtaining a license in that state. Some institutions will sponsor visas for IMGs in their residency program; The ECFMG is also authorized by U.

State Department to sponsor foreign doctors for J-1 visas. Questions about obtaining a visa should be directed to staff at residency programs, US embassies or consulates in your country of residence or in U. S.In subsequent years as he continued applying he learned that some programs filter out applicants who graduated from medical school more than three years earlier; The strength and reputation of an international medical school as well as familiarity decision makers from US residency programs with that particular medical school all play an important role when it comes to obtaining an interview or even being accepted into a program. International medical graduates (IMG) have become an integral part of US graduate medical education (GME) and health care system (HCS) workforce; they contribute essential diversity which removes cultural and language barriers when it comes to health care access. It is important to note that with international students included, match rate for international medical students can drop as much as 50 percent; Therefore, as more US medical school graduates enroll in residency programs we have seen competition intensify for available positions.

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